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2021-09-10 17:00:12

Where can one find the best prostitutes in Mexico?

Even before the legalization of prostitution, Mexico had been a country of rather “loose morals”, and crowds of American young people had been annually coming here to discover new pleasures of erotic adventures.  After the sex profession had obtained official governmental approval, quality sex seekers started to arrive here from all over the world. You can find call girls practically in all towns of this country. And the closer you get to the coast and resort areas, the more attractive and expensive these girls are. But even in less popular and promoted populated areas there is always escorts service with the cuties worth being displayed on the first pages of fashion magazines. But one should know for sure which towns exactly reliable and trustworthy prostitutes dwell in, so that the contact of a tourist with the local sex professionals would result only in the mutual pleasure of both parties without any complications.  

Cancun – white sand and the warm sea

Cancun, the popular resort, is well-known both to ordinary vacationers and to experienced travelers, for there are comfortable and clean beaches, exquisite tourist complexes and unique natural surroundings, which one can enjoy only in Mexico. So, if you feel like having an unforgettable vacation resulting in a plethora of photos that you’ll keep proudly demonstrating to your friends years after, make it a point to go to Cancun.
But Cancun is also a favorite with sex tourists. The ones who aren’t too interested in the historical sights or local cuisine marvels, the ones who are mainly after the easy-going and attractive Mexican women. Talking about call girls of the highest category, they are available in the popular spa-salons – here one can find prostitutes meeting all kinds of requirements and tastes and with the consent of the management practically all the employees of those places offer their sexual favors to the clients.
If a man’s purpose is finding girls at affordable prices, there is a wide choice of them at the periphery of the El Centro district. Nevertheless, the authorities don’t recommend tourists to walk around such places without a reliable company. It’s not only the prostitutes of Cancun that you can run into wandering around Downtown, but also numerous bandits and local criminal groups eager to get instantly richer at the expense of unsuspecting tourists. That’s why if you don’t have a good guide that will take you to various places of booze and fun bypassing all hazards and risks, you’d better order yourself a girl for entertainment via the internet or ask the receptionist of the hotel you’re staying at for assistance.

Guadalajara – the motherland of mariachi

Travel agencies usually direct tourists to look for cultural entertainment to Guadalajara, where moderate climate and mountainous landscapes help the vacationers to relax and have a good rest from their working routine. It was here that Mexican traditional mariachi music was born. It’s well-known far beyond the country's borders. Together with the unique natural beauty of the location it makes the city one of the most adorable and attractive ones in the whole country.
As for the intimate industry, the prostitutes of Guadalajara are known to belong to the class of the most refined ones in Mexico, that’s why the fans of high-quality professionals of the VIP category come here to enjoy unforgettable leisure. You can also find girls of free morals in Juares Avenue or at Liberation Square. It should be kept in mind that the open imposition of sexual services is considered to be illegal. That’s why the majority of the elite professionals work at specialized agencies or publish their profiles at dating sites. A man can also order a girl for a night through the receptionist at his hotel or the maitre d’hotel at a restaurant – usually at such places there 3-4 prostitutes on duty eager to attend to clients. 

Queretaro – picturesque mountains and skillful prostitutes

Located in the south of the Mexican Highlands the town of Queretaro enjoys the reputation of a peaceful and quiet resort place with an unimitable environment and mountaineers’ routes. Due to its convenient position in the central part of Mexico the town of Queretaro is also called the crossroad of all paths. And the local architecture of the colonial epoch turns this town into a real jewel. But along with the historical sights and architectural treasures people come here to see the local beauties – escorts in Queretaro, these services here have reached such a perfection that even the customers from the capital arrive here to invite the escort girls to the parties in the high society.
There are no big bordellos and intimate salons in the town, that’s why it’s better to look for a girlie using some reliable sources, such as managers, maitre d’hotels and receptionists at the tourist complexes and public establishments. One can also come across a prostitute in dark side streets nearby the central square of the town, but this kind of contacts implies big risks of becoming a victim of a cheater or receiving unsatisfactory sexual services. 

Puerto Vallarta – the resort on the Pacific coast

Do you feel like having a good time on the beach or taking a long walk in the gorgeous Mexican jungle? Then you ought to visit the town named Puerto Vallarta located at Bahia de Banderas bay, famous for its waterfalls and spicy traditional cuisine. Over 60% of the local population are engaged in the tourist industry, but agriculture is well-developed here, too. That’s why if you are determined to get to know the local life, national traditions and magnificent nature, don’t hesitate to visit Puerto Vallarta.
In search of erotic leisure one should go straight to whatever night entertainment place, practically all owners permit their female employees to leave before the end of the workday to provide sexual favors to the interested foreigners.
But a man should be prepared to buy for his chosen cutie a couple of cocktails, even though their price will be 1,5-2 times as high as the one indicated in the menu. Places for the street pick-up are well-known to all local taxi drivers, so fun-seekers can get a piece of good advice from them. The friendliest and the most communicable ones can even give you a telephone number of a reliable prostitute. You can go on your own to Guatemala street or Bolivia street, here you might find a beauty at the price of 20-25 dollars per hour. Girls with the hotel rooms booked for their sexual adventures with clients wait for men nearby the Montes De Oca motel.
There are two ways of finding a prostitute in Mexico – in the night booze and entertainment establishments and right in the streets or via the internet. The first way attracts with the possibility of estimating the physical beauty of a prostitute personally and receiving her sexual favors practically at once. But the online way is known to be safer, far more reliable and much easier, because one can invite a girl without having to get up from the sofa, and there is hardly any risk of becoming a victim of Mexican criminals.